Don't Miss The Golden-Window (P1-P4) To Develop Your Child's Problem-Solving Brain

Here's How Your Child Can Independently Ace Their Exams (PSLE/'O'Levels/'A'Levels)...Without The Need To Spend Hours 'Practising' Problem Sums By Heart

Don't Miss The Golden-Window (P1-P4) to Develop Your Child's Problem Solving Brain

Help Your Child Ace In Exams By Rewiring The Way His/Her Brain Thinks and Learns Using 3 Proven Techniques

Find Out The Little-Known Pattern-Thinking Techniques That Top 1% Students Use To Breeze Through Exams

Unleash The Genius Within

How To Nurture The Genius In Your Child So That You No Longer Have To Hand-Hold Them

During The Webinar We'll Share With You...

  • One Critical Mistake Most Parents Made When Teaching Their Child Math, Causing Them To Dislike The Subject.
  • ​Three Abilities Your Child Must Build If You Want Them To Become Independent Math Problem Solver Without Your Constant Supervision.
  • ​One Program That Can Transform Your Child To Like Math & Be Very Good At The Subject, Even If He/She Is Not A Math Person Now!

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“Some Geniuses Are Born, While Others Are Nurtured” - Pattern Thinkers

As Seen On...

21 Years

15,415 Students

63 Schools

Here’s Why It’s So Crucial To Develop Your Child’s Problem-Solving Muscles While Their Left Brains Are Most ‘Trainable’:

A LIFE-LONG ability

This ability stays equipped with your child forever. Being able to spot patterns naturally so that they can solve root problems easily (NOT just practising to provide ‘Correct’ exam answers that have no value to their teenage and adult life)


Once your child associate problem-solving and other such challenges to ‘Play’ and a ‘Fulfiling Achievement’...can you Imagine how much easier it is for you as a parent moving forward, when your child is as excited to solve problems as they are to get onto the next level of their video games

Set your child up for

Grades are no longer what top companies are looking out for when hiring, let alone promoting. Your child’s ability to problem-solve is what fast-growing companies are willing to pay top dollars for moving forward.

About Norman Tien

Mr Norman Tien started giving Math tuition at aged 19 to children who hated Math and thus scored way below average. Somehow, he has this gift with 'problematic' children, He delivered results because of his unconventional approach, which is not drilling them more worksheets and assessments but using their interest (like computer games, chess, Power Ranger toys, etc) and tailor-made the Math lesson plan for them.

Noticing his 'gifts' in this area, Norman then furthered his studies in cognitive psychology, special education for the gifted and those with learning disabilities, as well as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). All with a purpose of uncovering the spark in every child.
“Though All Parents Have The Same Objective To Support Their Child In Achieving Good Grades, HOW It Is Done Vastly Impacts Whether The Child Is Set Up For Long Term Success Beyond Their Grades Or Not…”

-Norman Tien

Hear from parents of our students:

"Never knew my child was learning Math all wrong!
My child was trying to memorise formulas and "vomit" them out when doing homework and practices, I thought this was normal until I learned the 2 core reasoning skills.
I saw my child pick up a few things during the programme and I'm going to start doing more immediately."
- Sally Tan, mother of 7 year old child
"Almost gave up on Math... now it's one of his favourite subject.
I didn't know my DS hated math because he was learning the wrong way. After going through this programme and applying the methods, my son now proactively learns and studies math on his own... and his grades have started improving too."
- Rebecca Chen, mother of 8 year old child
"Disaster prevented thanks to this workshop.
My child's grades were starting to get worse at 10 years old and I didn't think much of it... now I can apply the 2 skills to prevent a disaster during major exam year"
- Judy, mum of 10 year old child
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